• Steve Faison

Take Your Business Up A Notch!

So, you've been trying to start a business and things are slow. Really slow. What do you do about it?

Often, discouragement sets in. Maybe we question ourselves if we should continue in the business. Obviously, that would be a concern eventually. But how do we know when to seriously consider pulling that plug?

When I was in radio advertising ~ back in the dark ages of time ~ I did my best to encourage business owners that when business was slow, THAT'S when advertising dollars meant more! The advertising dollars were intended to get people in your door.

Granted, that was before Internet. That was when all businesses were brick and mortar business. There was far more overhead then. Like, rent and electricity. There were more expenses to consider in most businesses then rather than now.

That was also when the Yellow Pages was critical. You know, let your fingers do the walking! I can't tell you the last time I saw a current issue of a telephone company's Yellow Pages. Everyone just takes their cell phone out and looks up the business and its phone number ONLINE.

Now there's a nifty idea! If that's the way we reach a business, it stands to reason your business needs a solid, consistent presence there. Let the staff at Innovative Websites help you innovate your business. We'd love to help!

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